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Dental implant surgery is one of the most difficult to heal. With improper care, unpleasant consequences in the form of bleeding, swelling and infection penetration are possible. People simply go home after the implants are installed forgetting about the recommendations given to them. After the operation the dental surgeon tells the patient about the necessary care and prescribes the necessary medications taking into account the characteristics of the person. There is a list of necessary measures to maintain the effectiveness of implants, rapid healing and prevention of complications.

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The doctor can prescribe medications after the implant is installed: if there is pain, then painkillers, and if there is a risk of infection, then anti-inflammatories. The dosage is also prescribed by the doctor. It is important to take medications so that everything heals faster.

During the healing period it is important to monitor nutrition. You should give up hot drinks and food that can irritate the oral cavity, at least for the first time. You need to drink more water and try to eat soft foods, such as soups and mashed potatoes. It is worth giving up bad habits for a while, since smoking will slow down the healing process.

After the procedure, don’t rush to do any physical work. Your body needs rest to gain strength and energy. Don’t touch the implant placement site either in the oral cavity or from the front part. You can get an infection, which will give you additional discomfort.

Perhaps the most important thing is oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day with a soft brush. The toothpaste mustn’t irritate soft tissues. In addition to cleaning, you can use a mouthwash or an irrigator and add dental floss to your care. Pay special attention to the place where the implant is installed, clean it carefully.

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Of courseit is necessary to visit the dentist regularly, about once every six months. This is necessary for prevention.

Remember that if you follow all the instructions of specialists, then your healing process will take place quickly and safely. And the service life of the implants will directly depend on your daily care.


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