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Do you want a dazzling smile? No problem! There is an excellent solution for you – dental restoration. The dental branch of medicine has moved forward for a long time, and now we can not only monitor the health of the oral cavity, but also the aesthetic component. Doctors can change the color, shape of your teeth and remove defects. This will allow you to enjoy your smile.

If you have enamel damage, chips, decay, gap or an uneven edge of the teeth, then their restoration will solve your problem. There are many different types of dental reconstruction. During the procedure the natural appearance of the teeth is restored with various composite materials. After application the material hardens with an ultraviolet lamp. At the end the doctor trims the irregularities, polishes the teeth. Veneers are also used during restoration – dental linings made of composite material or ceramics. They are made individually, according to the impression of teeth. After fitting, the veneers are firmly attached to the teeth. These restoration methods are fast, but at the same time durable. Художественная реставрация зубов, что это? | SILK

Clinics use a large number of composite materials, so it will not be difficult to choose “the one”. In general, the procedure is painless, but anesthesia is provided for patients with hypersensitivity.

For this procedure, as for others, there are a number of contraindications:

1. Allergy to materials

2. Using a pacemaker

3. Abundant decay damage

4. Trauma of the soft tissues of the oral cavity

5. Bruxism

6. Malocclusion

7. Lack of proper oral care

Dental restoration is a great way to give teeth a more beautiful appearance. If you do not have the above contraindications, then consult with specialists and come for a charming smile.


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